Welcome to Ironwood Customs

Ironwood Customs is not just a woodworking or a custom furniture company.

 We stand for much more than that.

Ironwood Customs is owned and operated by Johnny Halliburton.

Officially founded in 2018, unofficially founded somewhere around 1980’s in the backwoods of East Texas, which is where the true love and passion of the outdoors really made an impact on Johnny’s life.

The love for nature, wildlife, the hunt, and all things that go along with outdoors are a driving force, and passion throughout the whole Halliburton family values.

Ironwood Customs name by nature is a name for “exceptionally tough” wood. We take the meaning of that to another level.

“Exceptionally Tough” is not only part of our namesake, but it runs through our veins.

We are proud of our furniture and know you will be too.